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Democrats To GOP: Give Us Subsidies And We’ll Give You $15B For Military Spending

KHN Morning Briefing

Those with information on the spending negotiations say Democrats are eyeing military spending as a potential compromise to get money for the “insurer bailouts” that Republicans have been targeting for years. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times and KHN offer looks at just what exactly those subsidies are.

Physicians Seek Modifications In Medicare’s New Plans For Payment

KHN Morning Briefing

The doctors are hoping that in rules expected soon the federal government will ease requirements for small practices to participate in the new Medicare payment options offering higher risk and higher financial reward. Also, some hospitals are asking the federal government to make some bundled-payment programs voluntary.

Federal Officials To Adjust Hospitals’ Penalties For High Readmissions Of Some Patients

KHN Morning Briefing

The new formula will provide some relief to hospitals that have large numbers of “dual eligible” patients, or those that are covered by both Medicare and Medicaid, because they tend to be poorer and sicker than the general population. Also, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley is pushing federal officials to get tougher with Medicare Advantage plans.

These Arkansas Residents Pay Taxes But Won’t Ever Be Able To Qualify For Medicaid, Medicare

KHN Morning Briefing

There is a large community of people in northwest Arkansas that live in the United States under a treaty that came about when the Marshall Islands declared independence. Although they contribute to taxes and everything else that comes with living in America, they don’t have access to safety-net health programs like anyone else would.

Study Finds Heavy Turnover Among Physicians In Medicare ACOs

KHN Morning Briefing

Medicare hopes to use the accountable care organization to coordinate care so that quality is improved and costs lowered. But the research suggests that the design of the ACO may need to pay special attention to physicians.

Advocates Rally In Richmond To Press Lawmakers To Expand Medicaid

KHN Morning Briefing

After the failure of the Republican replacement health bill in Congress, Democrats in Virginia are seeking to get a reluctant legislature to agree to expand Medicaid. News outlets report on expansion news from Louisiana, Texas and Minnesota.