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Clinic Seeks To Turn Marijuana From ‘Gateway Drug’ To Gateway To Treatment

KHN Morning Briefing

A small but growing number of pain doctors and addiction specialists are overseeing the use of marijuana as a substitute for more potent and dangerous drugs. In other public health news: the opioid epidemic, lead standards, childhood trauma, multiple sclerosis, Zika, HPV vaccines and concussions.

New ‘War On Drugs’ Needed To Battle Opioid Crisis, Sen. Manchin Argues

KHN Morning Briefing

Stat interviews the West Virginia senator about his focus on a national epidemic that has hit his state particularly hard. In related news about the crisis: a New Jersey family files suit against a fentanyl manufacturer, doctor and pharmacy; Maryland lawmakers rush to pass an opioid bill; a New Hampshire physician assistant faces criminal charges over his Subsys prescriptions; and more.

Former Obama Drug Czar Named To Lead Addiction Research Center In Boston

KHN Morning Briefing

Michael Botticelli, who speaks openly about his history of alcohol and drug abuse, said his leadership of the new Grayken Center for Addiction Medicine will be rooted in his philosophy that addiction is a public health issue best remedied by treatment.

Lawyers For OxyContin Maker Ask Judge To Dismiss Suit Filed By City Over Opioid Epidemic

KHN Morning Briefing

Purdue Pharma argues that the lawsuit by Everett, Washington, has “multiple, independent legal failings.” In other stories on the nation’s drug crisis: the nominee for New Hampshire attorney general has defended a major opioid manufacturer; an Ohio toxicologist develops a test for carfentanil; kids call 911 when they wake up to find their overdosed parents; and the debate over needle exchanges goes on as hepatitis C spreads.

Hospital Bills Due To Gun Injuries Cost $6.6 Billion Over Last 8 Years

KHN Morning Briefing

And that tally does not include expensive emergency room treatment. Today’s stories cover other public health news related to cancer and breast implants, Lewy body dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, smoking, “synthetic biology,” teen marijuana use, heart disease and more.

Congress May Delete Requirement That Businesses Track Worker Injuries

KHN Morning Briefing

Also in public health news, the traditionally high U.S. infant death rate is making a promising decline and a new study highlights a connection between global warming and diabetes rates. Media outlets also report on a range of other developments, including ketamine being used to treat severely depressed patients and insurers weighing a simple treatment for artery disease.