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New Cancer Drugs Come Under Fire For Prices And Failing To Show Effectiveness

KHN Morning Briefing

Researchers and patients are critical of drugs being brought onto the market that are expensive but offer little advantage in the fight against cancer. Meanwhile, Politico Pro looks at a new instance of an old drug getting approval for treating a rare disease, and pharmacy managers are looking for a way to explain their business.

Nuevas drogas contra el cáncer, ¿ayudan a vivir más?

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Empujados por defensores de pacientes que quieren acceso temprano a los medicamentos, la FDA ha aprobado una ráfaga de drogas oncológicas en los últimos años, Pero pocas de estas drogas han permitido a pacientes con una esperanza de vida limitada, vivir por años.

For Lessons On Dangers Of Relaxing FDA Regulations, Look No Further Than This $94K Cancer Drug

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In an era where officials speak of deregulating and “streamlining” the Food and Drug Administration, a story of a blockbuster drug demonstrates the possible pitfalls of removing thorough vetting of experimental treatments. Meanwhile, the CEOs who met with the president reveal what happened behind closed doors, a California lawmaker takes aim at drug coupons, spiking insulin prices make diabetes one of the country’s most expensive diseases and more pharmaceutical news.

Bill Would Aim To Curb High Drug Prices By Triggering Competition Through Generics

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Big brand-name drug companies would likely support the legislation from Rep. Greg Walden, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, since it focuses on marketplace competition rather than government intervention. Meanwhile, a California lawmaker is moving to limit the use of coupons for drugs.