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Gov. LePage Accuses Maine Senators Of Being ‘Out Of Touch’ After Voting Against GOP Health Bill

KHN Morning Briefing

Maine Republican Gov. Paul LePage wrote an op-ed chastising Republican Susan Collins and independent Angus King for their vote. But the senators defend themselves, saying they met with thousands of people to discuss improving the health care system, and concluded that the GOP proposals would’ve eliminated insurance for millions, raised premiums, hurt rural hospitals and shifted costs to states. Other lawmakers also face tough questions at home about the health care legislation.

Nearly Two-Thirds Of Americans Want To Keep Or Modify Obamacare

KHN Morning Briefing

The Reuters/Ipsos poll also finds that voters want Congress to turn to other issues. Still, the results fall largely along party lines with just three out of 10 Republicans saying they wanted to keep or modify the law. Meanwhile, the most recent failure of Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act relieved some Americans.

McCain’s Maverick Moment Caps Off Hill’s Dramatic Health Care Battle

KHN Morning Briefing

When Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) swooped back into town after being diagnosed with brain cancer, he was hailed as “an American hero” by the president. With a simple thumbs down vote in the early hours of Friday morning, though, he went against his party and helped kill Republicans’ chance to fulfill seven years of promises. Media outlets look at what went down on Capitol Hill.

Repeal-And-Delay Proposal Fails In Senate, 45-55

KHN Morning Briefing

As senators continue to debate health care legislation, a “clean” plan to repeal most of the Affordable Care Act in two years, without replacing it, fails to garner enough votes to pass.

How Growing Public Support For Obamacare Tripped Up The Republicans

KHN Morning Briefing

The Affordable Care Act should have been easy to get rid of, considering how many Americans held a low opinion of it when Republicans came into office. But a shifting tide of support has been one of the things that has complicated matters.