(Loveland Police Department)

Violent Colorado Arrest Puts Spotlight on How Police Treat Disabled People

Criminal charges filed against two officers who injured a Colorado woman with dementia don’t address the fact that police often lack the skills to effectively deal with suspects with mental disabilities.

Asking Never Hurts

Being Vaccinated Doesn’t Mean You Must Go Maskless. Here’s Why.

It won’t hurt to remain cautious, even as California reopens for business in response to mass vaccinations and diminishing cases of covid.

In Alleged Health Care ‘Money Grab,’ Nation’s Largest Hospital Chain Cashes In on Trauma Centers

HCA charges patients an “activation fee” of up to $50,000 for trauma teams at centers located in half its 179 hospitals — and they often don’t need trauma care, an analysis of insurance claims data shows.

In Mental Health Crises, a 911 Call Now Brings a Mixed Team of Helpers — And Maybe No Cops

More communities are creating teams of health care providers to respond to mental health crises instead of cops, a shift propelled by nationwide demonstrations against police brutality. But the shapes of those mobile crisis response teams vary because the movement is still in an experimental stage.


‘An Arm and a Leg’: When Your Insurance Company Says No, How to Ask for a Yes

Health care insiders get surprise medical bills, too. One of them shares tips for writing an insurance appeal.

Special Coverage

Kidney Experts Say It’s Time to Remove Race From Medical Algorithms

Doing so is complicated.

Covid’s Long Shadow: Mourning in America

Covid's Long Shadow

The ‘grief pandemic’ will torment Americans for years.


Read our latest coverage of the coronavirus outbreak.

Look Up Your Hospital

Is It Being Penalized By Medicare?

KHN Impact

Lost on the Frontline

Labor department issues emergency rules to protect health care workers from covid.

Bill Of The Month

This investigation by KHN and NPR dissects and explains your medical bills every month.

Which of Trump’s Health Policies Will Biden Reverse?


Data Visualizations

Caring for an Aging Nation

The number of Americans 65 and older is expected to nearly double in the next 40 years. Finding a way to provide and pay for the long-term health services they need won't be easy.

Boeing Aircraft Interior
Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air

Boeing tested air purifiers like those widely used in schools. It decided not to use them in planes.

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KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: Our 200th Episode!

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