Liver Illness Strikes Latino Children Like A ‘Silent Tsunami’

Potentially deadly fatty liver disease, linked to overconsumption of sugar in drinks and food, often starts in childhood. The goal: Get children to change their habits.

As Syphilis Invades Rural America, A Fraying Health Safety Net Is Failing To Stop It

Syphilis is spreading from big cities into rural counties across the Midwest and West. One Missouri clinic has seen more than six times as many cases in the first few months of 2019 compared with the same period last year. Communities grappling with budget cuts and crumbling public health infrastructure also lack experience in fighting the disease.

Listen: Syphilis Spreads Into Rural America

Lauren Weber, one of Kaiser Health News’ new Midwest correspondents, joined St. Louis Public Radio reporter Jeremy Goodwin on “St. Louis on the Air” Friday to discuss how syphilis is making inroads into rural counties across the Midwest and West.

Planned Parenthood’s ‘Risky Strategy’ To Update Its Image

The nation’s largest reproductive health services provider is in the midst of a high-stakes effort to showcase what it considers its vital role in providing community health care.

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Hickenlooper Expanded Medicaid, Created State-Run Marketplace To Insure Nearly All Coloradans

We wondered how Colorado’s uninsured rate changed during John Hickenlooper’s time in the governor’s mansion and how it compares with the rest of the country.

Special Coverage

Mourning Paradise

The depth of psychological damage after the fire in Paradise, Calif., may depend on how much help residents are getting now.

Lethal Plans

When seniors turn to suicide in long-term care.

Botched Operation

Death By 1,000 Clicks

Where electronic health records went wrong.

Look Up Your Hospital

Is It Being Penalized By Medicare?

Finding Homeless Patients A Place To Heal

Starting July 1, California hospitals must keep a log of the homeless patients they discharge and where they go.

On The Border

Volunteer doctors struggle to provide stopgap care to immigrants.

Tainted Drugs

Tainted Drugs

When medicine makes patients sicker.

Psychiatric ERs

Hospitals are opening emergency units that calmly cater to patients with mental health needs.

'Medieval Diseases' Flare

Outbreaks of infectious diseases are resurging in California and around the country, particularly among homeless populations.

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