An Overlooked Epidemic: Older Americans Taking Too Many Unneeded Drugs

Researchers estimate that 25 percent of people ages 65 to 69 take at least five prescription drugs to treat chronic conditions. But some doctors are trying to teach others about “deprescribing” or systematically discontinuing medicines that are inappropriate, duplicative or unnecessary.

Experts Tell Congress How To Cut Drug Prices. We Give You Some Odds.

Some of the nation’s most influential scientists recommend eight steps to lower drug prices. KHN takes the political temperature and tells you the chances of Congress acting on them.

Sign-Up Deadline Is Friday, But Some People May Get Extra Time

Although in most states the insurance marketplace deadline is Friday, some consumers might be entitled to a special enrollment period if their 2017 plan is being discontinued or they are from states designated by the federal government as hurricane disaster areas.

With CHIP In Limbo, Here Are 5 Takeaways On The Congressional Impasse

The sticking point is not whether to keep the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program running but how best to raise the cash.

Doubts Rise About Sen. Collins' Strategy To Shore Up Insurance Market

Even if the Republican from Maine can get her party to go along, her suggestions to bolster the individual insurance market may be too little, too late.

Special Coverage

Special Report: Baltimore's Other Divide

Months of reporting and rich hospital data portray life in the worst asthma hot spot in one of the worst asthma cities: Baltimore. The medical system knows how to help. But there’s no money in it.

Liquid Gold

Pain doctors soak up profits by screening urine for drugs.

Open Enrollment

In most states, open enrollment for the federal health law’s marketplace ends Dec. 15.

The Orphan Drug Machine

Drugmakers rush into the marketplace with rare disease treatments. What's the impact on prescription costs?

Hospice Patients Abandoned

Hospice agencies promise to be available around the clock to help patients die at home. But a KHN investigation shows that in an alarming number of cases, that promise is broken.

Meet The Medicaid Nation

Those relying on the government safety net are grandmothers, the kid next door, your supermarket cashier — maybe even you.

Repeal & Replace Watch

Navigating Aging

Judith Graham's column focuses on medical issues and advice associated with aging and end-of-life care.

Diagnosis: Unprepared

As the senior population grows, many hospitals are ill-equipped to address their unique needs.

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‘Redeeming Feature?’

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