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Covid Fears Keep Many Latino Kids out of Classrooms

Latinos got hit disproportionately hard by covid-19. When faced with the choice of sending their kids back to school or keeping them in online classes, many Latino parents say their kids are safer at home.

Don’t Eat the Yellowstone Snow: Elite Ski Resort Aims to Turn Sewage Into Powder

An exclusive Montana ski resort frequented by the likes of Bill Gates and Justin Timberlake says it can safely turn wastewater into snow to the benefit of skiers and the local watershed.

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Biden Boasts About Equitable Senior Vaccination Rate by Race Without Data to Back It Up

There is no public national data source that tracks vaccination rates based on a combination of race or ethnicity as well as age. Most state-level data shows that disparities exist in vaccine rates between white people and people of color.


Masks at the Campfire: Summer Camps for Kids With Medical Needs Adapt to Covid

Camp Ho Mita Koda, an Ohio camp for children with diabetes, plans to host in-person camp this year despite the pandemic. It’s unusual, especially given that children under 12 likely won't be able to get covid vaccines for months and many who attend medically focused camps could be especially vulnerable to serious covid complications. But these camps are important not just for the kids, but also for parents.

The Making of Reluctant Activists: A Police Shooting in a Hospital Forces One Family to Rethink American Justice

In 2015, Houston police officers stepped into Alan Pean’s hospital room, closed the door and shot him through the chest. Nearly six years later, his survival has brought the Pean family a wrenching legacy and conflicted sense of purpose.

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The Making of Reluctant Activists

A police shooting in a hospital forces one family to rethink American justice.

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In Appalachia and the Mississippi Delta, Millions Face Long Drives to Stroke Care


'I Just Feel Like Myself'

A nonbinary child in their own words.

Fundamental Flaws

Addiction Treatment Providers in Pa. Face Little State Scrutiny Despite Harm to Clients

Pennsylvania’s Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs has allowed providers to continue operating despite repeated violations and harm to clients.

Which of Trump’s Health Policies Will Biden Reverse?


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Is It Being Penalized By Medicare?

‘We’re Coming for You’

For public health officials, a year of threats and menace.

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