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In Tamer Debate, Trump and Biden Clash (Again) on President's Pandemic Response

Trump claims the U.S. is "rounding the corner" on COVID, while Biden predicts a "dark winter." On another front, Trump warns Biden's health care plan will lead to socialized medicine; Biden promises private insurance isn't going anywhere.

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Arguing to Undo the ACA. Harming Medicare. Do They Go Hand in Hand?

A Biden campaign ad out this month attacks President Donald Trump for pushing to slash Medicare benefits. A campaign spokesperson said the claim comes from the administration’s support for a legal challenge to the Affordable Care Act that seeks to nullify the entire law.

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Did Trump Confuse the Public Option With 'Medicare for All'?

President Donald Trump was off the mark when he said Vice President Joe Biden's health plan -- which includes a public options -- will terminate the private insurance of 180 million people.

Workers Fired, Penalized for Reporting COVID Safety Violations

Many workers are resisting what they feel are unsafe, unhealthy conditions as companies restart. A few states have passed laws specifically aimed at protecting workers who face COVID-related safety risks and retaliation for speaking up, but advocates say stronger federal protections are needed.


Travel on Thanksgiving? Pass the COVID

Staying home in your bubble is the safest advice, but family get-togethers, especially at the holidays, mean an awful lot. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci has gone back and forth on whether to have his daughters fly in for Thanksgiving.

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