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Another Soda Tax Bill Dies. Another Win for Big Soda.

A bill that would have allowed California cities and counties to once again pursue taxes on sugary drinks was just shelved in the legislature without a hearing. Public health advocates blame the political — and financial — clout of the soft drink industry.

Strides Against HIV/AIDS Falter, Especially in the South, as Nation Battles Covid

Public health resources have shifted from one pandemic to the other, and experts fear steep declines in testing and diagnoses mean more people will contract HIV and die of AIDS.

Censorship or Misinformation? DeSantis and YouTube Spar Over Covid Roundtable Takedown.

The Florida governor considers the pushback he received from the online video platform to be “Orwellian.” But the scientists featured at the event made specific statements YouTube deemed as “misinformation,” at odds with current public health recommendations for controlling the spread of the covid virus.

Listen: A Rookie Doctor Starts Her Career, Forged by the Pandemic

The latest episode of “America Dissected” features a conversation with Dr. Paloma Marin-Nevarez and KHN senior correspondent Jenny Gold. Gold documented the new physician’s first months on the job at a Fresno, California, hospital, caring for severely ill covid patients.

Humana Health Plan Overcharged Medicare by Nearly $200 Million, Federal Audit Finds

Medicare Advantage company may face record penalty over alleged billing errors.

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