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Day-Tripping To The Dispensary: Seniors In Pain Hop Aboard The Canna-Bus

Marijuana dispensaries are reaching out to seniors seeking help with the aches and pains of aging. They're discovering an array of products, and some interesting side effects.

Paper Jam: California’s Medicaid Program Hits ‘Print’ When The Feds Need Info

Amid the buzz over apps and electronic medical records rescuing modern medicine, California’s Medicaid program still clings to 1970s-era technology. A reboot may cost half a billion dollars.

Half As Many People Are Trying Heroin, But Marijuana Use Grows

An annual government survey of drug use and health shows a dramatic drop in the number of people who tried heroin but an uptick in pot use.

New Medicare Advantage Tool To Lower Drug Prices Puts Crimp In Patients' Choices

Federal officials are allowing the private insurance plans to use “step therapy” for drugs administered by doctors. In step therapy, patients must first use cheaper drugs to see if they work before receiving more expensive options.

After The Hurricane, Enduring pain

4 Takeaways On Puerto Rico’s Death Toll, In The Wake Of Trump’s Tweet Storm

The controversy over the death toll from Hurricane Maria continues as the president tweets that the official estimate adopted by territory officials is a political ploy.

Special Coverage

Bill Of The Month

This investigation by Kaiser Health News and NPR dissects and explains your medical bills every month in order to shed light on U.S. health care prices and to help patients learn how to be more active in managing costs.

Simple Surgeries. Tragic Results.

Simple Surgeries, Tragic Results

Lax oversight leaves surgery center regulators and patients in the dark.

Neglect Unchecked

'Like A Ghost Town'

Erratic nursing home staffing revealed through new records.

Is Your Hospital On The List?

Medicare is penalizing these 751 hospitals for patient injuries.

Pre$cription for Power

Patient Advocacy Groups Take In Millions From Drugmakers. Is There A Payback?

Kaiser Health News launches “Pre$cription for Power,” a groundbreaking database to expose Big Pharma’s ties to patient groups.


How America Got Hooked On A Deadly Drug

An inside look at how Purdue Pharma pushed OxyContin despite risks of addiction and fatalities.


Liquid Gold

Pain doctors soak up profits by screening urine for drugs.

Meet The Medicaid Nation

Those relying on the federal government’s safety net are grandmothers, the kid next door, your supermarket cashier — maybe even you.

Unlocked And Loaded: Families Confront Dementia And Guns

As more Americans are diagnosed with dementia, families who have firearms struggle with ways to stay safe. A KHN investigation uncovered dozens of cases of deaths and injuries.

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Podcast: KHN’s ‘What The Health?’ A Detour On A Smoking Off-Ramp

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‘Come Down?’

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