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Biden Terms Vaccine Rollout ‘A Dismal Failure’ as He Unveils Pandemic Response Plan

President-elect Joe Biden has delivered two speeches within the past 24 hours focused on his ambitious plans to address the “twin crises” of the covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the economy.


5 Reasons to Wear a Mask Even After You’re Vaccinated

Vaccination, face coverings and physical distancing are essential parts of a team effort against the coronavirus.


CVS and Walgreens Under Fire for Slow Pace of Vaccination in Nursing Homes

A federal program that sends retail pharmacists into nursing homes to vaccinate residents and workers has been hindered by bureaucratic hurdles and scheduling woes.

Lost On the Frontline

When Covid Deaths Aren’t Counted, Families Pay the Price

Inaccurate and incomplete death certificates hurt those seeking relief, recourse and closure after a loved one dies.


Geography Is Destiny: Dentists’ Access to Covid Shots Depends on Where They Live

A handful of states are making dentists a lower priority than other health professionals for inoculations, even though they have their hands in people’s mouths and are exposed to aerosols that spray germs in their faces.

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