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Navigating Aging

Stalked by The Fear That Dementia Is Stalking You

For those worried they have an elevated risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, testing is an option. But words to the wise: It’s hardly foolproof and could even backfire by heightening your fear of memory loss.

Must-Reads Of The Week From Brianna Labuskes

Newsletter editor Brianna Labuskes wades through hundreds of health care policy stories each week, so you don't have to.

KHN & PolitiFact HealthCheck

Trump’s Medicaid Chief Labels Medicaid ‘Mediocre.’ Is It?

This claim ‘wouldn’t pass muster’ in a first-year statistics class.

It's Not Just Hospitals That Sue Patients Who Can't Pay

Until very recently, the separate company that runs the emergency department at Nashville General Hospital in Tennessee was continuing to haul patients who couldn't pay medical bills into court.

KHN & PolitiFact HealthCheck

Scalpels Out: Democrats Make Slashing Attacks On Health Care Plans

Candidates’ tough health policy talk strayed far from hope for unity.

Special Coverage

Wasted Kidneys

How Lifesaving Organs For Transplant Go Missing In Transit

Scores of organs — mostly kidneys — are trashed each year and many more become critically delayed while being shipped on commercial airliners, a new investigation finds.

Photo Essay

'Memory Cafes'

Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers find connections and comfort at the local cafe.

When Your Doctor Is Also A Lobbyist

Inside the war over surprise medical bills.

Navigating Aging

Navigating Aging

What to do if your home health care agency ditches you.

Beyond Burnout

Doctors decry "moral injury" from financial pressures of health care.

Prior Authorization

Insurers often require preapproval for procedures, drugs and tests, but that doesn't guarantee they’ll pay.

Look Up Your Hospital

Is It Being Penalized By Medicare?

Bill Of The Month

This investigation by KHN and NPR dissects and explains your medical bills every month.

Terminally Ill, He Wanted Aid-In-Dying

His Catholic hospital said no.

Weekly Podcast

KHN’s ‘What The Health?’: The Labor Pains Of ‘Medicare For All’

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