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Corralling the Facts on Herd Immunity

The term “herd immunity” has found its way into politicized discussions about how to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. But what does it actually mean? And does it work?


‘No Mercy’ Explores the Fallout After a Small Town Loses Its Hospital

Listen to “Where It Hurts,” each episode debuting on Tuesdays, from Sept. 29 through Nov. 10. When Mercy Hospital Fort Scott shut its doors, locals lost care. Health workers lost jobs. The hole left behind is bigger than a hospital. Season One is “No Mercy.”

‘You’re Going to Release Him When He Was Hurting Himself?’

Daniel Prude’s family knew he needed psychiatric care and tried to get it for him. Instead, his encounter with police hours after he was released from Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York, proved fatal.


Efforts to Keep COVID-19 out of Prisons Fuel Outbreaks in County Jails

Montana sheriffs say the state’s decision to halt prison transfers has led to overcrowding that makes it difficult to quarantine inmates and clean facilities.

Promises Kept? On Health Care, Trump's Claims of ‘Monumental Steps' Don’t Add Up

The president entered office seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act, revamp Medicaid and drive down prescription drug prices, among other things. He’s hit some stone walls.

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‘The Outlier?’

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