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Bill of the Month

After Kid’s Minor Bike Accident, Major Bill Sets Legal Wheels in Motion

It was a surprise even in a family of lawyers. The process called “subrogation” began with one Nevada family’s health insurer denying their claim for an emergency room visit after 9-year-old fell off his bike.


Lost on the Frontline: New This Week

As of Wednesday, the ongoing KHN-Guardian project is investigating 1,413 deaths of U.S. health workers in the fight against COVID-19. Today we add four profiles, including a teacher of nurses who had lost her daughter to COVID-19 and a physician who died waiting in an emergency room. You can explore our interactive database, now containing 272 profiles. It investigates the question: Did they all have to die?


Why Employers Find It So Hard to Test for COVID

COVID-19 cases are surging across the U.S., and most workplaces are still open for business. As workers fear catching the disease while on the clock, why aren’t more companies footing the bill for testing employees?


California Businesses Go From Simmer to Boil Over Newsom’s Fine Dining

Small-business owners struggling to remain afloat are increasingly defying new shutdown orders, in some cases pointing to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s French Laundry dinner as a reason not to comply.


Rural Areas Send Their Sickest Patients to Cities, Straining Hospitals

Critically ill rural patients are often sent to city hospitals for high-level treatment, and as their numbers grow, some urban hospitals are buckling under the added strain. Meanwhile, mask-wearing and other pandemic prevention measures remain spotty in rural counties.

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‘The COVID Holidays?’

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