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Bill Of The Month

Turned Away From Urgent Care — And Toward a Big ER Bill

Russell Cook was expecting a quick and inexpensive visit to an urgent care center for his daughter, Frankie, after she had a car wreck. Instead, they were advised to go to an emergency room and got a much larger bill.

Centene Agrees to Pay Massachusetts $14 Million Over Medicaid Prescription Claims

Massachusetts is the latest state to settle with St. Louis-based Centene Corp. over allegations that it overcharged Medicaid prescription drug programs.

Environmental Justice Leader Says Proposition 30 Would Help Struggling Areas Clear the Air

Ana Gonzalez, who leads an environmental justice group in the Inland Empire, has endorsed Proposition 30, a ballot initiative backed by the ride-hailing company Lyft that would tax millionaires to fund zero-emission vehicle subsidies and electric charging stations. She contends most state policies overlook marginalized communities that are disproportionately affected by air pollution.

Letters to the Editor

Readers and Tweeters Take a Close Look at Eye Care Traps and White Mulberry Leaf

KHN gives readers a chance to comment on a recent batch of stories.


'American Diagnosis': When Indigenous People Move to Cities, Health Care Funding Doesn't Follow

When Indigenous people started moving to cities in large numbers after World War II, many found hardship and discrimination there … but not the health care they were entitled to. Episode 12, the season finale, explores the efforts of urban Indian health providers to close those gaps by providing affordable, culturally competent care.

Special Coverage

The Cruelest Bills

Shattered Dreams and Bills in the Millions: Losing a Baby in America

On top of fearing for their children’s lives, new parents of very fragile, very sick infants can face exorbitant hospital bills — even if they have insurance. Medical bills don’t go away if a child dies.

Diagnosis: Debt

A reporting partnership between KHN and NPR exploring the scale, impact, and causes of medical debt in America.


Read our latest coverage of the coronavirus outbreak.

Look Up Your Hospital

Is it being penalized by Medicare?

Child Hospice Care Is a Lifeline for Parents Seeking a Measure of Comfort and Hope

Terminally ill children, unlike adults, can get hospice services while continuing to receive life-extending or curative care.

A Disability Program Promised to Lift People From Poverty

Instead, it left many homeless.

Bill of the Month

This investigation by KHN and NPR dissects and explains your medical bills every month.

Medical Coding Creates Barriers to Care for Transgender Patients

The codes used to bill insurers in the U.S. haven’t caught up to the needs of trans patients or even international standards.

Many Refugees Dealing with Trauma Face Obstacles to Mental Health Care


Weekly Podcast

KHN’s ‘What the Health?’: Biden Declares the Pandemic ‘Over’

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‘A Chocoholics Cure?’

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