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Medicaid: Rolling The Dice On Managed Care

Obamacare launched a huge expansion of Medicaid that will help millions of people – and the for-profit insurers that will manage most of their care. Caution flags abound, as this series of stories shows.

Millions Of Lower-Income People Expected To Shift Between Exchanges And Medicaid
“Churning” among low-income insurance consumers may cause gaps in coverage and require switching doctors and hospitals.

In Kansas, A Fight Over Developmentally Disabled Shifting To Medicaid Managed Care
In Kansas, families are worried about three for-profit insurers taking charge of providing all home- and community-based services for 8,500 developmentally disabled people beginning Jan. 1.

States Balk At Terminating Medicaid Contracts Even When There’s Fraud Or Poor Patient Care
Officials won’t use “nuclear option” for fear of disrupting services to patients.

Kentucky’s Rush Into Medicaid Managed Care: A Cautionary Tale For Other States
Doctors, hospitals, patients and their advocates complained about disruptions in care and payments after Kentucky moved more than half a million people on Medicaid into private plans.

Advocates Urge More Government Oversight Of Medicaid Managed Care 
The health law’s expansion of Medicaid is putting a spotlight on how regulators monitor the performance of privately-run plans.