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Health Care 101: Key Challenges In The Debate

Several news organizations had explainers detailing the ongoing the health reform debate.

The New York Times created an online primer, highlighting key proposals currently under discussion: the individual/employer mandates, and a public insurance plan and marketplace. The Times includes pros/cons as well as explanations of the possible ways to pay for an overhaul and the process by which the three current health care plans will merge into one final piece of legislation (Hossain, 6/18).

The Associated Press has a Q&A on why high health costs are harmful to the economy. Health care "accounts for about one-sixth of the entire economy," totaling "about $2.5 trillion." The AP explores how "rising health care costs affect workers and businesses," "the impact of 50 million Americans having no insurance," and whether "the health care system must be fixed first to repair the economy" (Johnson, 6/18).

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