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Following Vaccination Controversy, Ohio Clinic Vows To Focus On Evidence-Based Medicine

Dr. Daniel Neides was slammed with criticism after penning an anti-vaccination rant last week.

Stat: Cleveland Clinic Reevaluating Alternative Medicine Offerings
After the director of its Wellness Institute was forced to walk back an anti-vaccine blog post over the weekend, the Cleveland Clinic revealed Monday that it has already spent months reevaluating the institute’s focus and expects to halt the sale of some alternative medicine products. Clinic spokeswoman Eileen Shiel told STAT that hospital administrators are concerned that the institute’s focus has grown too unwieldy and less connected to the clinic’s broader mission of providing the best, evidence-based medicine and services to patients. (Ross, 1/10)

Stat: What To Know About Cleveland Clinic Doctor Who Wrote Anti-Vaccine Column
In recent days, medical professionals and health watchdogs have slammed Dr. Daniel Neides, director of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, over an anti-vaccine rant he published on an Ohio news site. Neides has since apologized for the column. Meanwhile, a review of his career and published work offers a more nuanced picture of his views and motivations — he’s well-regarded among his patients, but also turns to therapies of questionable efficacy in treating them. After the flap over his column, STAT reported Tuesday that the clinic would be reevaluating some of the institute’s offerings. (Ross, 1/11)

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