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Health Care Law Is Good The Las Vegas Sun
States can't on the one hand accept the benefits of federal health care spending and then legitimately claim that the federal government is playing too large a role in the health care sector (4/2).

On The Front Line The New York Times
If Dr. Berwick is nominated, he would have to be confirmed by the Senate. ... Democratic leaders will have to insist that any confirmation hearing stays focused on the nominee's ideas and qualifications and not become another arena for attacking health care reform. This job and those questions are too important to get drowned by demagoguery (4/1).

A Victory For Young Adults (Milwaukee) Journal Sentinel
Passage of the Affordable Health Care Act of America, however, not only will ensure more than 30 million additional Americans receive health care, but also college students will have a needed safety net to give us some peace of mind as we navigate this treacherous economic landscape (William Barnes and Porter Pearce, 4/1).

ObamaCare's Job-Killing Impact The Chicago Tribune
That puts businesses in a lose-lose situation: follow the law, report the charge and endure a congressional grilling, which may lead to who knows what. Or they could ignore the law and not report the charge, which would place the company and its executives in legal jeopardy but spare them a congressional investigation. Either way, American business loses and the health reform law will prove to be the job-killer many Americans feared (Grace-Marie Turner, 4/1).

Why Obama Won Health Care CNN
But something changed in the past six weeks, resuscitating a policy that appeared dead on arrival after a 14-month wait in the emergency room. ... What changed is that the White House abandoned -- at least for a time -- a vision of the mind of the voter that is dead wrong based on everything we know about how the political brain actually works (Drew Westen, 4/1).

Rush Limbaugh, Healthcare And Idle Threats The Los Angeles Times
As the battle over "Obamacare" was reaching fever pitch, Rush Limbaugh threatened to leave the United States if the healthcare bill passed. Well, the bill did pass, and he's still here (Joe Queenan, 4/2). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.