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Upper-Bracket Homeowners Who Make Profits On Home Sales Begin Feeling Effect Of Health Law Tax

The controversial tax became effective Jan. 1, 2013. It kicks in for couples who make more than $500,000 in profit on a primary residence sale and single people who make more than $250,000. In other health law implementation news, media outlets report on issues that might impact small businesses, physicians and married couples.  

The Washington Post: New Tax Embedded In Affordable Care Act Affects Homeowners
A new controversial tax embedded in the Affordable Care Act affects homeowners who sell their homes for a substantial profit. Homeowners need to be aware of the new 3.8 percent net investment income tax. While this provision became effective Jan. 1, 2013, its effect is just now being felt by upper-bracket homeowners who have profitably sold their home in 2013. Homeowners planning to sell their home in 2014 are advised to factor this new tax into their sales contract pricing decisions (Jacobs, 2/28).

CBS News: Obamacare: What Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know
Change, even when positive, can create confusion and anxiety. Just ask any small business owner trying to figure out the Affordable Care Act. The Act, also called Obamacare, refers to mandated health care reform for everyone and impacts upon businesses of varying sizes differently. This has some small business employers scratching their heads. The stops and starts associated with the first wave of insurance signups have further confused the landscape. If you run a small company, this is how the Affordable Care Act may affect your bottom line (3/3).

Health News Colorado: Veterinarians Drop Insurance, Hope Employees Find Better Deal
Dropping health insurance made financial sense for the veterinarians who own University Hills Animal Hospital in Denver. Last year, the company’s share of premiums had spiked to $17,000 after rising about 10 percent each year, and plans were getting so expensive that only 11 of 35 employees had signed up. The three owners also hoped the Affordable Care Act would help many of their lower-wage workers afford insurance (McCrimmon, 2/28).

The New York Times: New Law's Demands On Doctors Have Many Seeking A Network
Dr. Sven Jonsson, a primary care physician in this rural community, is seeing a steady tide of new patients under President Obama’s health care law, the Affordable Care Act. And so far, it is working out for him. His employer, a big hospital system, provides expensive equipment, takes care of bureaucratic chores and has buffered him from the turmoil of his rapidly changing business (Goodnough, 3/2).

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Insurance No Longer May Hinder Divorce 
The Affordable Care Act is changing more than the way Americans buy health insurance. It's making it simpler for unhappily married couples to uncouple (Calandra, 3/2).

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