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40th Repeal Vote Unlikely To Be Charm For House Republicans

The vote in the GOP-controlled House, scheduled for Friday, would prevent the Internal Revenue Service from enforcing any part of the health law. Some news outlets explore why GOP lawmakers continue pushing purely symbolic votes that will go nowhere in the Democrat-controlled Senate. Others report on the intra-party split regarding the strategy to shut down the government unless the law is defunded this fall.

The Associated Press/Washington Post: House GOP To Vote On Repealing Health Care Law For 40th Time Before Leaving On Summer Break
Maybe the 40th vote to repeal President Barack Obama's health care law will be a charm for opponents of the overhaul. House Republicans are scheduled to vote Friday on a bill that would prevent the Internal Revenue Service from enforcing or implementing any part of the law they call "Obamacare." It'll mark the 40th vote by the Republican-controlled House to repeal some or all of the law (8/2).

The New York Times: Republicans Refuel Effort To Cripple Health Care Law
With the House poised to vote Friday on yet another bill to cripple President Obama's health care law, the question arises: Why do Republicans persist in their so-far futile efforts? Democrats have many theories. Republicans, they suggest, care little about the uninsured. Many, they say, dislike Mr. Obama and want him to fail (Pear, 8/1).

The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire: Waxman: GOP Stalking Great White Whale On Obamacare
The finger-pointing and endless fighting between Democrats and Republicans over the health-care law has sunk into a familiar rut. But Rep. Henry Waxman, a California Democrat and scourge of Republicans (and some members of his own party) in the House has managed to create an interesting metaphor for the struggle. "The law has become the Republicans great white whale. They will stop at nothing to kill it," said Mr. Waxman in the latest of his many press releases complaining about Republicans trying to block implementation of the Affordable Care Act (Mundy, 8/1).

The Washington Post: Congressional Republicans Split Along Lines Of Seniority, Tactics
Congressional Republicans have splintered into generational factions over how to approach the implementation of President Obama's landmark health-care law. Younger GOP lawmakers are urging a shutdown of the federal government in the fall to demonstrate opposition to the law. Some more longtime lawmakers are trying the ease the tensions (Kane, 8/1).

Politico: Ted Cruz To Join Anti-Obamacare Town Hall
Sen. Ted Cruz will join Heritage Action for a town hall event in Dallas as part of the group's series pushing efforts to defund the Affordable Care Act, continuing his crusade to stifle the law, the group announced. Cruz will speak at the Dallas event hosted by the Heritage Foundation’s lobbying arm, joining former Sen. Jim DeMint and his father, Rafael Cruz (Anand, 8/1).

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