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First Edition: July 27, 2009

Timeline and vote-counting continue to be the focus of health overhaul headlines. 

Reach Of Subsidies Is Critical Issue For Health Plan
The major health care bills moving through Congress would require nearly all Americans to have health insurance. But as lawmakers struggle to achieve the goal of universal coverage, a critical question is whether the plans will be affordable to those who are currently uninsured (New York Times).

Pelosi Vows Passage Of Health-Care Overhaul
Defying skeptics in her party, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed Sunday to overcome lingering obstacles and pass health-care reform in the House, restoring momentum to President Obama's top domestic priority and order to her own unruly Democratic caucus (Washington Post).

Democrats Disagree On State Of Health Reform Bill
White House officials and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continued to say on Sunday that progress was being made on legislation to overhaul the health-care system, but fiscally conservative Democrats remained less optimistic while Republicans remained steadfast in their opposition to it (New York Times).

Dems Alone Can't Deliver Obama Health Care Win
President Barack Obama's push to overhaul health care needs Republican votes, lawmakers from both parties say. Democratic and GOP officials acknowledged Sunday that Obama's ambitious plan would not pass without the aid of a doubtful GOP, whose members are almost united against the White House effort (Associated Press/Washington Post).

New Deadlines, New Problems For Health Care Bill
After a week of major setbacks on health reform, White House officials and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did their best to sound upbeat Sunday, with new deadlines looming to move bills out of key committees before the August recess (Politico).

'Blue Dog' Democrats Hold Health Care Overhaul At Bay
So-called Blue Dog Democrats continued to resist key aspects of their party's health-care overhaul Sunday, despite pressure from party leaders who fear they will endanger President Barack Obama's most ambitious legislative effort (Wall Street Journal).

Opponents Of Health Overhaul Happy As Bill Drags
August means beaches and barbecues. And for some, a chance to rally the troops for this fall's health care showdown (Associated Press).

Health Care Bill Boils Down To August Battle
Congress's failure to deliver major health care legislation by President Barack Obama's deadline next month transforms the traditionally sleepy August recess into what could be the decisive moment in the battle to win support for the legislation, especially from conservative Democrats considered crucial to its fate (Politico).

Health Commission Plan Wins Some, Angers Others
The problem with putting together a big proposal - like overhauling the nation's entire health care system - with lots of moving parts and many different interests to please, is that every time you satisfy one important constituency, you upset another (National Public Radio).

Dems Strategize To Counter CBO Health Estimate
Following a blow from the Congressional Budget Office, Democratic leaders in Congress likely will make the case this week that the healthcare reform plan has multiple benefits and cost savings that cannot be scored by independent congressional accountants (The Hill).

SEIU Health-Care Push Aided By Wal-Mart
SEIU leader Andy Stern is using alliances with big business to push for a prominent seat at the table in Washington's health-care debate, annoying some other union leaders in the process (Wall Street Journal).

How A Healthcare Overhaul Could Affect You
Here are some key questions regarding the effort to overhaul the nation's healthcare system (LA Times).

Lawmakers Seek To Curb Drug Commercials
In the 1980s, Nancy Reagan told Americans to "Just Say No" to recreational drugs. Now a handful of legislators are just saying no to TV commercials for prescription drugs (New York Times). 

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