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Today’s Opinions: Health Law’s Effects On The Economy And Medicare; 10th Amendment Questions

Obamacare Is Killing Recovery The Washington Times
The health care reform legislation also will have a devastating impact on the spending power of working Americans and our economy as the higher premiums kick in (Armstrong Williams, 10/17).

Health Insurance: Spread The Risks The Los Angeles Times
The best approach is to spread risks, not concentrate them. That's why the coverage guarantee in the healthcare reform law makes sense. Congress may not have found the perfect mechanism to provide that guarantee without driving healthy people out of the system, but the right response is to keep working on the new law rather than abandoning it (10/18).

How New GOP Congress Can Repeal, Replace Obamacare Washington Examiner
If voters return Republicans to majorities in one or both Houses of Congress, their Job One will be to start the process of repealing Obamacare and replacing it with realistic health care reforms that make universal access possible at a reasonable cost without putting federal bureaucrats in charge of U.S. medicine (10/17).

Take Care With Access To Medicare The (Raleigh) News & Observer
Many of the solutions we need already exist. The most critical steps now include addressing the duplication of services and the government's efforts to reduce fraud (Cedric Bright, 10/16).

Health Care Plan Violates 10th Amendment The (Lexington, Ky.) Herald Leader
Does the federal government have the constitutional authority to require every American to purchase health insurance? It clearly does not (Mike Maharrey, 10/18).

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