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Now It’s The Season To Figure Out Health Insurance Taxes

CBS News outlines what consumers need to know about the health law's tax forms while The New York Times details how some consumers continue to see paying the penalty for not having insurance as better than paying for coverage.

CBS News: ​What You Need To Know About The ACA Tax Forms
Tax filing is getting even more complicated. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers and health insurance companies to give the IRS information about your income and health insurance coverage. So, the IRS has created three new tax forms, and you'll need them to prove you have health insurance and, therefore, aren't required to pay any tax penalties. You'll also need them to make a claim for tax credits you're entitled to. (Martin, 1/4)

The New York Times: Many See I.R.S. Fines as More Affordable Than Insurance
Clint Murphy let the deadline for getting health insurance by the new year pass without a second thought. Mr. Murphy, an engineer in Sulphur Springs, Tex., estimates that under the Affordable Care Act, he will face a fine of $1,800 for going uninsured in 2016. But in his view, paying that penalty is worth it if he can avoid buying an insurance policy that costs $2,900 or more. All he has to do is stay healthy. (Goodnough, 1/3)

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