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Today’s OpEds: Prescriptions For Health Reform

Ten GOP Health Ideas For Obama The Wall Street Journal
The best ideas out there are not those that were passed by the House and Senate last year, which consist of more spending, more regulations and more bureaucracy. If the president is serious about building a system that delivers more quality choices at lower cost for every American, here's where he should start (Newt Gingrich and John C. Goodman, 2/10).

How Dems Can Win Health Reform Politico
Congress could pass these ten reforms by a wide margin tomorrow. They won't achieve the left's statist ambitions, but they would provide meaningful reform (Rep. Bill Cassidy, 2/10). 

Obama's Health-Care Summit: Chicken Soup For The Legislative Soul The Washington Post
I've been trying, because I'd truly like to see health reform pass, to find something nice to say about President Obama's plans for a summit. Another summit, that is, nearly a year after the first one. Here's the best I could come up with: It can't hurt. Consider it Chicken Soup for the Legislative Soul (Ruth Marcus, 2/10).

Obama Needs Public Support To Win Health Care Reform San Jose Mercury News
Many believe the current proposals include no Republican ideas, but that's not true. ... The Senate plan would allow families and businesses to buy health insurance across state lines, for example, and allow individuals and small businesses to pool together to get lower prices. ... Without reform, millions more will join the 46 million Americans who now are uninsured, and costs of insurance for others will strangle our economy (2/9).

Drug Problems: Pharmaceutical Companies Can Go Too Far Houston Chronicle
[W]ith or without a final bill, one aspect of health care cries out for swift reform: the unconscionable gouging of consumers by Big Pharma, as the giant pharmaceutical industry is known (2/9).

Disorder Out Of Chaos The New York Times
The American Psychiatric Association, with its release this week of proposed revisions to its authoritative Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is recommending that Asperger's be dropped. ... The change is welcome, because careful study of people with Asperger's has demonstrated that the diagnosis is misleading and invalid, and there are clear benefits to understanding autism as one condition that runs along a spectrum (Roy Richard Grinker, 2/9).

Murtha Death Raises Questions Over Preventable Medical Errors Politico
With the ongoing debate in Washington about the nature of health care reform, [Rep. John] Murtha's passing shines light on one area that hasn't had enough scrutiny, how to make our health care system safer. As the American health care system has been labeled by some as the most advanced in the world, others are critical of the fact that so many people die in hospitals annually due to preventable medical errors (Dr. Davis Liu, 2/9).

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