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Obama's Plan Isn't The Answer The Washington Post
For the 85 percent of Americans who already have health insurance, the Obama health plan is bad news. It means higher taxes, less health care and no protection if they lose their current insurance because of unemployment or early retirement (Feldstein, 7/28).

Blue Dogs: All Bark, No Bite The Wall Street Journal
The Democratic leadership and the president will put enormous pressure on the Blue Dogs to support the legislation. Now we'll see if the Blue Dogs have bite to go along with their bark (Matthews, 7/27).

To Overhaul the System, 'Health' Needs Redefining The New York Times
No health care system has seriously grappled with the question most fundamental to its task: what constitutes health? As the United States contemplates an overhaul of its system, maybe we should take a stab at it (Welch, 7/27).

Bipartisanship Needed On Health Care Reform The Seattle Times
For the public to buy the changes, the plan cannot be the Democratic health-care program. It should be at least in part bipartisan. Otherwise, reform becomes an easy political punching bag (7/27). 

Keep Abortion Funding Out Of Health Care Reform Politico
To ensure that the long-standing U.S. policy against funding or mandating abortion coverage is maintained in this new health care authorization, abortion must be permanently and explicitly excluded (Perkins, 7/28).

Biotech Bottleneck The Washington Post
With a name like the Affordable Health Choices Act, you'd think the health-care reform bill that passed the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee this month would have made an effort to provide affordable health choices. But instead, the bill includes a provision that would create a 12-year market exclusivity period for brand-name biologic drugs. This would drive costs to consumers above even current levels, making the title little more than a mockery (7/28).

Hope for Health Reform? Push Single-Payer Now  The Nation
[A single payer plan is] the proper prescription. Obama and Pelosi should listen to the doctors and follow it. But that will only happen if those who favor real reform seize on this uncertain but not unforgiving moment to make the case for single-payer (Nichols, 7/27).

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