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Today’s OpEds: Sharing The Burden Vs. Hurting The Rich Too Much

Learning To Love The Healthcare Bill The Nation
Heading into the midterm elections of 2010, Obama has something concrete to show for his leadership, and that cannot be discounted. What matters more than anything at this juncture is how quickly the concrete benefits of healthcare reform start to flow to the millions of Americans in desperate need of help. (Katherine Newman and Steven Attewel, 5/4).

Wealthy Americans Shoulder Health Care Tax Burden The Christian Science Monitor
With passage by Congress of healthcare reform, Joe [the Plumber] should pay attention. The redistribution of income favored by President Obama will soon begin in earnest (David Francis, 5/3).

Deficit Strategy Can Begin With Health Care Investor's Business Daily
"... the president himself has indicated that the debt commission would not be out of bounds giving his health care bill a hard look (5/3).

State Must Keep Medicaid In Check Poughkeepsie (N.Y.) Journal
Yes, it is the proverbial Band-Aid for a gunshot wound, but it's progress nevertheless that the state is doing a better job weeding out Medicaid fraud (5/4).

Health Care Paradise The Wall Street Journal
Thanks to on-the-spot guidance from Dear Leader Kim Jong Il, North Korean doctors selflessly choose not to emigrate and have even conquered the decadent West's problem of obesity! (5/3).

Should Laws Push For Organ Donation? The New York Times
What are the ethical and practical issues involved in changing the law? (a variety of opinions from Arthur Caplan, Kieran Healy, Sally Satel, Elaine Berg and Mary Ann Baily, 5/2).

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