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Perspectives On The Political Landscape: Winners, Losers, Distractions And… Is Bipartisanship Even Possible?

Editorial pages examine the political dynamics involved in the debate surrounding the Senate GOP's efforts to pass a health bill.

The New York Times: Revised Senate Health Bill Tries To Win Votes, But Has Fewer Winners
The revised Senate health bill has a dwindling list of winners and a bigger pool of potential losers. It would still make insurance much less affordable for poorer and older Americans who don’t get coverage through work or Medicare. It would make that insurance less valuable for many people with the most significant health care needs. The biggest beneficiaries of the original bill — the rich — would get less. (Margot Sanger-Katz, 7/13)

Bloomberg: The Senate's Health-Care Follies Are Years In The Making 
That's right. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell new plan is to ask Republicans to suspend reality until after casting their vote: Regardless of what the bill actually says, it means whatever they want it to mean. To state the obvious, this is not exactly a strong position. Conservatives will believe they are being betrayed, while Republicans (and everyone else) who want to preserve Medicaid won't believe the reassurances. McConnell, whether his reputation as a master legislative technician is deserved or not, is no fool. He simply has only a few choices remaining at this point in the game. Playing pretend is one of the last tools left at his disposal. (Jonathan Bernstein, 7/13)

Bloomberg: How Would A Bipartisan Health Bill Even Be Possible?
Mitch McConnell is once again announcing that the Senate is going to come out with a new health-care bill and try to hold a vote next week. That exhaustion you feel is the same despair that seeps over you when a pair of ill-matched friends announce for the 17th time that they’re getting back together. (Megan McArdle, 7/13)

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