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How Will The President Handle Obamacare In State Of The Union?

The White House press secretary said that the law "is absolutely worth" any past or future political repercussions.

Politico: State Of The Union 2014: The Search For A Non-Awkward Obamacare Shout-Out
This time, President Barack Obama is going to have to actually talk about Obamacare in his State of the Union address. No more touch-the-base-and-keep-running treatments, the way he’s handled it the past couple of years. This time, he’ll be expected to linger on base a bit, at least long enough to acknowledge the launch of the biggest domestic achievement of his presidency — and do it in the least awkward way possible. That’s the consensus of Democratic strategists, health care experts, pollsters and crisis-management experts, all of whom will have reasons to listen closely (Nather, 1/27).

The Associated Press: Carney: Obamacare Worth It, No Matter Political Consequences
Days before President Obama is set to deliver the annual State of the Union during, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told ABC News that passing and implementing the president's signature health care law is worth any political consequences, including losing the Democratically-controlled Senate to the Republicans. "This is not about politics. So the answer is, it is absolutely worth it, no matter what happens politically," Carney said when asked about the possibility of losing the Senate during an interview at the White House for "This Week" (Bell, 1/26).

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