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Lessons From Massachusetts: Campaigning Beats Governing Into Submission, Again Kaiser Health News
Our mistake was to believe that rank-and-file members of Congress shared their leaders' interest in governing (Austin Frakt and Steve Pizer, 1/28).

Why ObamaCare Isn't Flying The Wall Street Journal
Only people who have reduced American health care to rows and columns of data in academic studies would think it possible to remake this incredibly sophisticated organism as easily as rebooting a spreadsheet (Daniel Henninger, 1/28).

Health Reform Shouldn't Cut Care For Women New Haven (Conn.) Register
And, when health care reform does come, women must be able to expect the same coverage for reproductive health care as they have counted on in the past (Jeannette Ickovics, 1/28).

Cancer Treatment Will Suffer Without Action On Medicare The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Preliminary results of a national survey indicate that Medicare pays just 56 percent of the cost of administering complex chemotherapy services in community cancer centers. The Medicare payment system "allows" payment for the cost of chemotherapy drugs, but it only pays 80 percent, resulting in prohibitive co-payments for Medicare patients who don't have co-insurance (Dr. Robert Hermann, 1/27).

Parity In Health Coverage Badly Needed
Until the law requires the Health Insurance Industry to provide benefits for mental health and addiction services at the same level as for other medical conditions ("parity"), people suffering from addictions and other mental health problems will continue to be left out of standard insurance policies (Dr. William Van Ost, 1/28). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.