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A Better Remedy For Health Reform The Dallas Morning News
The legislation before us does not reform the outdated and broken payment system the government uses to pay doctors who treat Medicare patients, (and it) ignores medical justice reform (Barton and Burgess, 7/20).

How To Pay Doctors The Boston Globe
Paying for healthcare on a fee-for-service basis is an inflation engine that, unless something changes, will cause health spending in this state to double by 2020 (7/21).

The 'Problem With Nurses' Is A Problem With Healthcare The Los Angeles Times
The so-called problem with nurses is really just another aspect of the shortcomings in the overall healthcare system (Greenfield, 7/21).

A Cancer Patient's Perspective The Washington Post
For me and other Americans suffering from advanced cancer, the health-care debate this summer is no abstraction. It is a matter of life or death (Bacon, 7/21).

'Do No Harm' In Healthcare Costs The Christian Science Monitor
On this much, President Obama and Congress agree: A healthcare-reform package must not add to the federal deficit (7/20).

Throwing More Dollars At A Broken Health Care System The Houston Chronicle
(P)olicymakers are fixated on an effort to expand health insurance coverage at the expense of significant long-term problems plaguing the system (Ho, 7/20).

Health Debate Shaped By The Generations Roll Call
The fundamental question that members of Congress from older generations will need to answer during this summer's health care debate is just how much they want to accomplish (Winograd and Hais, 7/21). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.