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Today’s Opinions: Health Law’s Benefits For Workers; Dropping Repeal Efforts; The End Of Health Brokers

Will Health Overhaul Provide Better Care For U.S. Workers? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
This legislation will undoubtedly help our workers and our businesses, both large and small, afford health coverage. Politicians of all stripes should recognize the opportunity the health reform law presents to propel our country forward (Rep. Jim McDermott, 8/30).

Reaping Benefits Of The New Health Care Law The (Litchfield County, Conn.) Register Citizen
There will never be the votes to repeal the measure and Republicans ought to be honest enough to admit this. There is only hope for improving it, which is where the focus belongs now (8/31).

Health Insurance Agents, RIP Forbes
Democrats pushing ObamaCare, just as Democrats pushing ClintonCare 17 years ago, always saw the demise of health insurance agents as an acceptable, even a desirable, loss (Merrill Matthews, 8/30).

Obamacare Undermines Our Right To Health Care The Washington Examiner
Unfortunately, Obamacare doesn't guarantee a right to health care. Instead, it undermines that right by subverting Americans' freedom to obtain the health care they prefer (John Graham, 8/30).

U.S. Health Care: Most Expensive, Least Frequent The St. Louis Post-Dispatch
You probably already know that Americans spend more on medical care than residents of any other country. That's not because Americans use too much health care (8/30).

Healthy Move Los Angeles Times
While other states have been passing meaningless bills to nullify the federal healthcare reform law, California lawmakers have moved swiftly to implement one of its key features: a new marketplace for individuals and small groups to buy health coverage (8/30).

Even With Malpractice Insurance, Doctors Opt For Expensive, Defensive Medicine The Washington Post
The fear of a lawsuit trumped all other thinking: I ordered the scan; it was negative (Dr. Manoj Jain, 8/31).

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