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Today’s Opinions: Younger Voters’ Interests; Helping Seniors Pay For Their Drugs; Time For A Freeze On Premiums?

Putting The Brakes On Health Insurers The Los Angeles Times
Obama should - and can - issue an executive order freezing all health insurance premium hikes until the companies comply with pricing provisions of the new federal law (Jamie Court and Carmen Balber, 10/19).

Prognosis Grim For ObamaCare The (Penn.) Times Herald
ObamaCare is in serious condition. Its symptoms worsen as its vital signs sink like U.S. job-growth figures. Even Democratic candidates are fleeing in fear that its malady is contagious (Deroy Murdrock, 10/18).

Old Stealing From Young Under Obama's 'Reforms' Washington Examiner
The current GOP -- increasingly dependent on older voters and dead-set against Medicare cuts -- looks ill-suited to push the reforms needed. Let's hope that with age comes wisdom because neither party will change until younger voters wise up and start defending their interests (Gene Healy, 10/18).

Reform Starts Now: More Choice For Medicare's Low-Income Rx Beneficiaries Health Affairs Blog
An oft-heard criticism of the new health care law is that its major provisions do not kick in until 2014, leaving little immediate benefit for most Americans, especially those struggling in this economy. However, the reality is that the Affordable Care Act is already helping millions of low-income seniors who have had tenuous coverage for the prescription drugs they need (Dan Medelson, 10/18).

That Sinking Feeling The New York Times
Job security and benefits like paid vacations, health insurance and a secure retirement are going the way of the typewriter (Bob Herbert, 10/19). This is part of the KHN Morning Briefing, a summary of health policy coverage from major news organizations. Sign up for an email subscription.