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Today’s Opinions: Health Law Repeal And Insurance Hikes On Minds Of Americans

ObamaCare =Higher Costs And Lower Quality Christian Science Monitor
Until Congress or the courts discard ObamaCare's mandates, price controls, and new entitlement spending, there is literally nothing that can arrest this downward spiral of rising costs and deteriorating quality (Michael Cannon, 9/14).

We Need Reform More Than Ever The Christian Science Monitor
With a sluggish economy and double-digit unemployment in some parts of the country, we can't afford to allow millions of Americans to go without much-needed health care (Kavita Patel, 9/14).

The High Cost Of High-Risk Health Insurance Pools St. Louis Post-Dispatch
All across the country, state high-risk pools are attracting little attention, even as the number of uninsured and underinsured Americans continues to grow. What gives? It could be that many eligible people don't yet know about the pool. ... Or that many still are gathering their paperwork preparing to apply. That could be true, but it probably is not. It is more likely that few people have signed up because Missouri's high-risk pool is expensive (9/14).

Insurance Hikes Inconvenient For Dems The Columbia County (Ga.) News-Times
Coupled with rising health care costs - which haven't been slowed one bit by the "Affordable Care Act" - [The Wall Street] Journal notes that many insurance carriers will be raising their rates by 20 percent or more. That cost will be passed along to employers, who in turn will pass it along to workers in the form of higher premiums (9/15).

ObamaCare's Thugs New York Post
As health costs skyrocket, doctors abandon the profession, hospitals lay off workers and private insurers shut down, the only way to quell the ObamaCare backlash will be through an even more thuggish campaign to demonize, marginalize and silence nationwide dissent (Michelle Malkin, 9/15).

Obama's War On America's Seniors The American Spectator
A Democrat campaign theme this fall is that those scary Republicans want to end Medicare as we know it. But that is not possible, because President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the Democrats have already done that, in Obamacare (Peter Ferrara, 9/15).

Obesity's Punch To The Gut Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
So far Obama has appointed his wife, Michelle, as America's voice against obesity. With the projected economic disaster, he must now give obesity his full attention before our waistlines bust the budget (Derrick Jackson, 9/14).

Grasping For An ObamaCare Hangover Cure The Orange County (Calif.) Register
But when the White House urges Senate Democrats to scale back one of the most [egregious] provisions of the so-called health care reform law, something significant has begun (9/14).

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