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Is Mandate Constitutional? USA Today
If the individual health insurance mandate survives court challenges, states rights will have withered before our eyes (Jonathan Turley, 3/31).

Don't Let The AG Derail Health Reform That Benefits Everyone The Seattle Times
The Greater Seattle Business Association has championed health-care reform on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and business communities for the past several years. Health-care reform is especially critical for the LGBT community. As a community, we considerably benefit from eliminating lifetime maximums and pre-existing conditions (Mona Smith, 3/30).

Now The Real Health Care Fight Begins Politico
While outright repeal of health care reform - as many conservatives demand - seems unlikely, there is no guarantee this reform will stick. Future Congresses could erode or undercut the law. For there is a long history of major social legislation coming under attack post-enactment (Eric M. Patashnik and Julian E. Zelizer, 3/30).

Where The US Went Wrong On Abortion CBS News
It's time to take a step back, a look around, and a deep breath -- and to start really talking about the importance of access to abortion to women's health and equality. Let's catch up with this global conversation, so that we can join this growing understanding of the importance of these rights -- both on paper and in practice -- for the lives and dignity of women and families (Nancy Northup, 3/31).

How Reform Benefits Medicare The Sarasota Herald Tribune
Important benefits such as the Medicare drug savings and improved access to primary care must be weighed against the uncertainties of reform. Ultimately, political differences may be too deep-seated to resolve. But it's in everyone's best interest to try (3/31).

NY's Real Godzilla: Killer Health-Care Subsidies New York Post
A new ad by hospitals makes an old argument -- that proposed cuts in state health-care subsidies are a monster, a "Cutzilla" that would devastate New York's health system, forcing facilities to shut down and leaving citizens vulnerable. Only big new taxes can save New Yorkers from this ruin, the advocates argue. Although Cutzilla may be more creative, it's part of a long tradition of "the sky is falling" claims from health-care special interests dating back to the '70s (Steven Malanga, 3/31).

Obama's Health Beast Squashes State Experiments Bloomberg BusinessWeek
States can be laboratories where the country experiments to ascertain which mix of taxes, incentives and public administration works best when it comes to health care. Obamacare threatens such experiments by superseding them. In doing so, the new federal program deprives the country not only of the experiments themselves but also of evidence that might cast doubt on the promises of the new legislation (Amity Shlaes, 3/30).

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