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High Court To Hear Arguments In Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone Case

The arguments, which pit anti-abortion protestors' freedom-of-speech rights against women's health providers' public safety concerns, will be heard on Wednesday.

Reuters: Supreme Court Takes Up Abortion Protest Case
The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday will wade into a divisive case that pits the free speech rights of anti-abortion protesters against public safety concerns raised by women's healthcare providers. The nine justices will hear a one-hour argument over a challenge to a Massachusetts law aimed at ensuring access for patients at clinics that offer abortions (Hurley, 1/15).

NPR: Supreme Court Considers Legality Of Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones
The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments Wednesday in a case testing the constitutionality of buffer zones at abortion clinics. Fourteen years ago, the court upheld Colorado's 8-foot "floating" buffer zones around individuals to protect patients and staff entering and exiting these clinics. Since then, buffer zones have prevented demonstrators from closely approaching patients and staff without permission. But the issue is back before a different and more conservative Supreme Court (Totenberg, 1/15).

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