Judith Graham

War On Smoking Offers Some Lessons For Obesity Fight

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But the scope of the nation’s weight problem is much more extensive than tobacco ever was and public health campaigns must address issues as complex as food and beverage choices, television viewing, exercise routines and even the design of cities.

Poll: Doctors Fall Short In Helping Many Seniors

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Large numbers of seniors aren’t receiving recommended interventions that could help forestall medical problems and improve their health, according to a new survey from the John A. Hartford Foundation. Notably, one-third of older adults said doctors didn’t review all their medications, even though problems with prescription and over-the-counter drugs are common among the elderly, leading to over […]

Heavy Doctors Avoid Heavy Discussions

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Research already demonstrates that physicians are sometimes uncomfortable talking about weight with their obese  patients.  Now, a new study shows that the doctors’ weight makes a difference too. Physicians who pack on the pounds discuss weight loss less frequently with obese patients than doctors who have normal body-mass indexes (18 percent versus 30 percent), according to […]