Julie Rovner, NPR News

Democrats Seek Right Message To Boost Health Law

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For Republicans intent on repealing the new health care law, the message has been simple: It’s bad. Democrats, on the other hand, have had a much more difficult job selling the merits of the law — often doing more to confuse than to enthuse the public.

Health Industry Cool To Complete Repeal Of Reform Law

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Republicans in Congress say their priority for next year is to build momentum for an eventual repeal of the new health law. But they could be in for a surprise: While repeal may be popular with Republican voters, the GOP could face pushback from some allies in the health care industry.

Seniors Still In The Dark On New Health Law

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That fact that people don’t know a lot about what’s in the new health law isn’t exactly news. But a new poll that shows just how little Grandma and Grandpa know about it must be giving the new law’s supporters a serious case of heartburn. That’s because seniors are not just a key voting bloc […]