Randy Dotinga

Solo Coverage For $430 A Month? For This Enrollee, It’s A Deal

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This post is Randy Dotinga’s latest update on his efforts to secure health insurance as a single, freelance writer with pre-existing conditions. You can also read his earlier installments, Taking A Risk To Secure Health Insurance and My Other Pre-Existing Condition: Unstable Insurance. After 13 years of being an insurer’s worst nightmare, I just heard some wonderful words: The insurance company will […]

San Diego Hospice Will Close As Financial Problems Grow

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San Diego Hospice, one of the nation’s oldest and busiest, is closing its doors permanently in response to financial problems stemming from an investigation of its practices by Medicare. The hospice announced last week that it planned to file for bankruptcy. On Wednesday, San Diego Hospice said it would cease operating in the next 60 […]