Robert Laszewski

‘Don’t Litigate, Innovate.’ How To Implement A Fully Funded Alternative To The New Health Care Overhaul — And It’s Already In The Law

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What if a Republican governor and a Republican legislature had the ability to implement their version of health insurance reform and the federal government would have to pay for it? It’s a great idea. And I’m thrilled to say that a bi-partisan bill has already been introduced in the Senate by Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Scott Brown, R-Mass., that would help facilitate exactly this end.

Health Care Reform or Just Expensive Entitlement Expansion?

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While we desperately need a sustainable health care reform in America to cover all of our people, Congress getting ready to send the president little more than a health care entitlement expansion that will give us a health care system even more unsustainable then the one we now have.