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Looking For New Answers To Aging Well: What Bats In Belfries, Marmosets In Mountains Might Tell

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While animals have long been studied in medical research, a new wave of researchers is looking for different answers. “The goal isn’t to increase the number of 120-year-olds who are living in nursing homes. We want more 80- and 90-year-olds who are living independently,” says Corinna Ross, a primatologist at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute. More aging news reports on grip strength, defining “old” and the power of laughter.

Facebook Live: Inclusive Care at the End of Life: The LGBTQ+ Experience

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For a generation of LGBTQ+ people who lived through unprecedented social change, getting older poses new challenges. When it comes to seeking elder care, concerns about lack of services, discrimination, neglect and even abuse threaten to reverse recent progress.

First Comes The Grief Of Losing An Infant Unexpectedly. Then Come The Questions From The Detectives.

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When a baby dies from sudden infant death syndrome, parents don’t have long to recover before they’re faced with questions and paperwork from detectives. The policies are in place to protect from abuse or neglect, but can often bleed over to accusatory for parents in the worst moments of their lives. In other public health news, the mysteries of aging, exercise, schizophrenia, smoking and marijuana extract.

States Push For Caregiver Tax Credits

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Families often spend thousands of dollars caring for ailing loved ones at home. Lawmakers in California and at least seven other states want to provide some financial relief with state income tax credits.

‘Remarkable’ Study Finds That Hypertension Patients Who Received Intensive Treatment Were Less Likely To Develop Memory Problems

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The study is the first to find a way for patients to lower their risk of mild cognitive impairment. “I think it actually is very exciting because it tells us that by improving vascular health in a comprehensive way, we could actually have an effect on brain health,” said Dr. Kristine Yaffe, a professor of psychiatry and neurology at University of California San Francisco.

Baby Boomers Are Aging Alone More Than Any Generation In U.S. History, And It’s Creating A Looming Public Health Crisis

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Researchers have found that loneliness takes a physical toll, and is as closely linked to early mortality as smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day or consuming more than six alcoholic drinks a day. Loneliness is even worse for longevity than being obese or physically inactive. In other aging news: exercise, strengthening your brain, and poverty.