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After Puzzling Over Mumps Outbreaks, Scientists Recommend Extra Dose Of Vaccine

KHN Morning Briefing

There have been cases recently where the vast majority of a population affected by an outbreak had received the two doses of vaccine, yet people still contracted the virus. In other public health news: a pen that detects cancer, overtreatment, mosquitoes, breast cancer, romantic attraction and more.

‘It’s Only Getting Worse’: Hospitals Flooded With Opioid Patients As Crisis Rages On

KHN Morning Briefing

There’s been a 64 percent increase in inpatient stays, while emergency room visits related to opioids have doubled since 2005. Meanwhile, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price praises China’s help in cracking down on opioids. And experts say hospices aren’t doing enough to monitor family members’ potential abuse of patients’ drugs.