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Lost on the Frontline: Explore the Database

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As of Wednesday, the ongoing KHN-Guardian project is investigating 1,318 deaths of U.S. health workers in the fight against COVID-19. Today we add 14 profiles, including a young addiction counselor who “lived for her son,” a meticulous housekeeper looking forward to retirement and a physician assistant who was “mom of the ER.” You can explore our interactive database, now containing 244 profiles. It investigates the question: Did they all have to die?

Heartbreaking Bills, Lawsuit and Bankruptcy — Even With Insurance

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With health insurance that can leave him on the hook for more than a quarter of his salary every year, a Kentucky essential worker who has heart disease is one of millions of Americans who are functionally uninsured. At only 31, he has already been through bankruptcy and being sued by his hospital. This year, he faced a bill for more than $10,000.