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Drug Czar Nominee Withdraws Following Reports That He Helped Undermine DEA’s Power On Opioids

KHN Morning Briefing

President Donald Trump says in a tweet that Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) withdrew his name from contention to be the next drug czar after a Washington Post and “60 Minutes” report revealed deep ties to the drug industry. Many lawmakers voiced strong objections to the nomination and Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) called for a repeal of a controversial law pushed by Marino that hindered the Drug Enforcement Administration’s ability to regulate opioids.

CMS Letting Plans Adjust Premiums After News That Trump Is Cutting Off Insurer Subsidies

KHN Morning Briefing

“Insurers in the vast majority of states on the federal exchange submitted rates for the upcoming plan year assuming that CSR payments would not be made, so no rate adjustment is needed,” said spokeswoman Caitlin Oakley. Meanwhile, Bloomberg takes a look at the history of the health plans President Donald Trump is supporting through his executive order.

‘We Anticipated This’: Insurers Not Exactly Floored By Trump’s Decision

KHN Morning Briefing

It could be hard for insurers to pull their plans off the market for next year, but most companies say they were prepared for the money to evaporate anyway and had baked the contingency into their 2018 premium increases. However, the industry is calling on Congress to fund the payments.