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Questions Remain About Marijuana-Cased Psychosis Among Teens, But One Thing’s Very Clear: Treatment Severely Lags Behind Need

KHN Morning Briefing

Advocates say the number of substance abuse programs serving teens afflicted by problems brought on by marijuana is insufficient to deal with the growing problem. Other public health news reports on the benefits of complaining, research on female athletes and dementia, a mysterious pneumonia in Asia, alcohol’s effect on AFib, the best milk for children, aging well, detecting cancer early, HIV outreach at church, new calorie labeling, and brain trauma studies.

Lawmakers Face Ever-Narrowing Window To Work On Big-Ticket Health Issues Before 2020 Election Politics Kick In

KHN Morning Briefing

Two big issues — addressing surprise medical bills and high drug prices — have the chance to draw bipartisan deals even in this divided Congress. But as the 2020 election season ramps up into high gear, neither side wants the other to be able to claim a victory. “If we couldn’t come to a consensus in 2019, it’s hard to imagine for 2020,” Rep. Susan Wild (D-Pa.) told Politico.

The Financial Impossibilities Of Making Antibiotics: Why Drugmakers Are Going Bust Even In Era Of Superbugs

KHN Morning Briefing

Doctors are prescribing the drugs sparingly and patients only need to take them a week or two at a time. In a world where pricey million-dollar cancer drugs are king, drugmakers producing modest antibiotics are crashing just when the country needs them the most. In other pharmaceutical news: pay-to-delay deals, blockbuster treatments and a failed promise.

FDA Failed To Properly Police Program Meant To Curb Opioid Epidemic At Height Of Crisis, New Documents Show

KHN Morning Briefing

In 2011, the FDA asked opioid-makers to pay for safety training for more than half the physicians prescribing the drugs, and to track the effectiveness of that training, as well as other measures, to reduce addiction, overdoses and deaths. But even when deficiencies in these efforts became obvious through the agency’s own review process, it failed to fix the flaws. Meanwhile, a new study finds opioid deaths rise when auto plants close.

Pharma Still Reeling As House Passes Trade Deal Without Market Exclusivity Provision

KHN Morning Briefing

The North American trade pact is moving swiftly through Congress. The legislation is noticeably missing a provision that would have granted market exclusivity for biologics for 10 years. The removal of the protection was a big win for Democrats and a huge loss for the pharmaceutical industry. In other news: an Ebola vaccine, nerve drugs, biotech stocks, a subscription model for medication, and more.