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Advocates For Those Recovering From Opioid Addiction Fear Consequences Of Medicaid Work Requirements

KHN Morning Briefing

Red states that have been particularly hard hit by the opioid epidemic are also the ones rushing to add work requirements to their Medicaid programs. But critics say that could backfire for those who are seeking help recovering from addiction. In other news on the crisis: Kratom bans; how cartels are getting drugs into the country; limiting opioids in court; programs to get hospital patients directly into treatment; and more.

FDA Aims For Swifter Approvals Of Cancer Drugs With ‘Outsized’ Promise: Gottlieb

KHN Morning Briefing

“We’re going to see more such cases, where a new drug offers an outsized survival benefit in a selected population of patients in a smaller, early-stage clinical trial,” Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb tells a House panel during a hearing on the 21st Century Cures Act.

Oxycontin Maker In Lawsuit ‘Negotiations’ With State Attorneys General

KHN Morning Briefing

Purdue Pharma becomes the first opioid manufacturer to confirm discussions on suits filed by 41 states. Meanwhile, Minnesota county also plans lawsuits. In other news on the toll of the national opioid epidemic: more kids are being placed in foster care in large part due to parental drug abuse, and a Navy admiral wages a new battle after he lost his son to addiction.

CMS Considers Alternate Payment Models To Curb Costs On High-Price Treatments, Gene Therapy

KHN Morning Briefing

“We are trying to do whatever we can to increase competition and give the (health insurance) plans more tools so that they can be better negotiators on our behalf,” Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services chief Seema Verma tells Reuters. In other CMS news: The agency officially ends two mandatory bundled-payment models and Verma also comments on 1332 waivers.

Drug Pricing Dominates Senate Questioning Of HHS Nominee Alex Azar

KHN Morning Briefing

Alex Azar testified Wednesday before a Senate committee considering his nomination to be the next head of the Department of Human and Human Services. Democratic lawmakers, and some Republicans like Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), raised questions about the former Eli Lilly executive’s policy positions and ability to regulate the industry where he made his career.

Record-Keeping Dispute Forces New Hampshire Doctor To Surrender License

KHN Morning Briefing

Dr. Anna Konopka, 84, kept written records and did not log prescriptions as part of New Hampshire’s mandatory electronic drug monitoring program. In other health care personnel news, drug companies hire nurses to talk up their medicines and some doctors ignore health issues when screening urine for drugs.