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An Unusual Strategy: This PAC On Drug Prices Is Sinking Millions Into Races It Knows It Can’t Impact

KHN Morning Briefing

The Patients for Affordable Drugs says that where its money can’t help decide a race, it can still send a message: that politicians running campaigns funded by drug companies will face retribution. But some experts are dubious. In other pharmaceutical news: Stat reveals the lobbying firm behind a shadowy drug pricing organization, pharma gets a boost after a New Jersey court dismisses hundreds of lawsuits, and patent laws are getting attention in the fight over prices.

Shadowy Advocacy Group Goes Against The Grain, Vocally Defends Sky-High Drug Prices

KHN Morning Briefing

It’s not clear who funds the new group or who is running its day-to-day operations. But the Alliance to Protect Medical Innovation does have a target for its finger-pointing: insurers and pharmacy benefits managers. Meanwhile, drug pricing advocates are criticizing President Donald Trump’s new trade deal.

Sprawling Opioid Litigation Compared To Big Tobacco Reckoning In ’90s, But Experts Predict One Big Difference

KHN Morning Briefing

Although it will take years to resolve the hundreds of lawsuits that are facing Purdue Pharma, the expectation of legal and industry experts is that the painkiller-maker will end up having to pay out a much lower settlement than Big Tobacco did in the 1990s. Meanwhile, a look at how people who use drugs are utilizing test strips to detect fentanyl in their heroin. News from the crisis comes from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oregon and Georgia as well.

Pharma Holds Breath, Bracing For A Possible Blue Wave To Take The House

KHN Morning Briefing

Democrats have not been shy about their intent to focus on high drug prices if they regain control of the House, which the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t foresee going in its favor. Meanwhile, although lawmakers blocked pharma’s last attempt to attach the “doughnut hole” change to the massive opioid package, experts think lobbyists might be successful in the lame-duck months after the elections.

Pfizer’s Top Executive To Hand Over Reins To Company’s Current COO At End Of Year

KHN Morning Briefing

“The company has come out of the abyss it was in, and is really poised for growth,” CEO Ian Read, 65, said. “Given my age, it’s time for me to move on.” Chief Operating Officer Albert Bourla will take over starting in 2019. Meanwhile, AmerisourceBergen agreed to pay federal and state governments $625 million for illegally distributing misbranded drugs.