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New York Tries To Curb Soaring Maternal Mortality Rates With Doulas

KHN Morning Briefing

Studies have shown that the birth coaches can help increase birth outcomes and reduce birth complications for the mother and the baby. “Maternal mortality should not be a fear anyone in New York should have to face in the 21st century,” said Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

How Scientists Decide When A Vaccine’s Risks Outweigh The Number Of People It Will Help

KHN Morning Briefing

While the debate is theoretical, scientists can weigh possible risks versus the lives they know the vaccine will save. But a recent example of a controversial drug is throwing the issue into the global spotlight in a very real way. In other public health news: clinical trials and ethics; decoding a baby’s DNA; home health care workers and infection rates; a new type of self-harm in teenagers; and more.

Declining Opioid Prescription Rates Show That Drumbeat Of Alarm Over Crisis Is Producing Results

KHN Morning Briefing

But some advocates are now worried that patients with chronic pain are being undertreated. Meanwhile, NIH wants to conduct research on fentanyl, but the nationwide law-enforcement crackdown on opioid abuse means scientists are having a hard time getting permission to get samples of the illegal products they need to study. And the Senate Finance Committee held a hearing on improving Medicaid, Medicare and other programs that cope with the effects of substance abuse.